What is VKC ?

Hello and welcome to Vintage Knitted Couture

I have been a huge fan of vintage knitting and crochet patterns from the moment I learnt to knit around 10 years ago.  

This wonderful collection of patterns should not be locked away in a draw or some difficult to access library.   With the arrival of the internet sites like mine allow a new a new generation of knitters and crocheters to re-discover and enjoy these beautiful restored patterns.

And as a super plus, vintage patterns are full of eco-credentials - they are all about making or remaking amazing garments at a fraction of a cost - therefore reducing demands on our planet's resources (and as a result of our throw-away society) the size of our landfills. 

Recently I have started to work up my own designs inspired by vintage classics,  current fashion and just to make something I want but can't find a pattern for.  Click here for - LVB Original Patterns.

And finally, to get you started check out my free patters which you are welcome to download straight away and try out.

How to buy lovely vintage patterns

You can browse knitting and crochet patterns by category using the links on the left.  Click on the picture to ses a larger image.  

If you see a pattern or three you must have simply click the "Add to Cart" button, buy as many as you like!   When you are finished click the "View Cart" link on any shop page and click "Google Checkout" - if you have a google account already it takes one click to buy, otherwise you simply enter your details once to buy with complete security.

Patterns will be emailed to you as pdf's via email, usually within a couple of hours, always within 24 hours.  

I am currently in the process of uploading the patterns so that when you buy you get a link to allow you to download the pdf immediately, for instant knitting gratification.  If you have any problems drop me an email and I'll get on the case right away.

If you prefer to have the pattern in printed form email me and I will give you a quote including postage or check out my ebay shops:

Why Vintage Knitted Couture ?

I chose the name Vintage Knitted Couture to reflect the aspirations of these vintage patterns.   Patterns were designed to make garments look as if they came straight of the Parisian Catwalk, bringing high style and glamour at an affordable cost to the wearer in the days before pret a porter and instant high street fashion mass production.  

Harking back to the days of true couture and clothing craft this is why today these vintage patterns are so highly sought after.

A note on yarns

Yarns in the old days were different back then. 

The old 2 and 3-ply wool was heavier than today's:  what was then a 2-ply will be the equivalent of today's 3  the  3  of 4  and the 4 of a DK.   Don't use to thick a wool or you will lose that particularly soft, fine textured look that is typical of the  period.  Also always, always do a tension square when using vintage patterns - you won't regret it.  

Here is a link to a fantastic website that still makes yarn suitable for vintage kniting / crocheting.


Please visit VKC again soon, as I will be adding more patterns from my collection.

Please feel free to email me at lena@birse.org

Many thanks